Debenham sewage works “major source of polution” – report

Debenham waste water treatment works in Thorpe Lane is a major source of water pollution according to a new report from the Deben Climate Centre.

Earlier reports and water sampling have concentrated on the tidal reaches of the Deben resulting in less being known about E.coli levels and phosphate levels in the river which has its source in Mickfield.

Since then there has been regular water testing by teams of citizen scientists including volunteers in Debenham.

An overview of the new report by Dr Bill Brammer and Dr David Findley says: “Whilst E.coli livers in the tidal River Deben had been monitored by the Deben Climate Centre for two years less had been known about the non-tidal section or about phosphate pollution. WWTW sites at Melton and Martlesham Creek had consistently displayed high E.coli pollution levels. It is now clear that the WWTWs at Rendlesham, Wickham Market, Easton and Debenham, all sited on or close to the River Deben, are also shown to be major sources of pollution.”

The full report is below and can be read on scree or downloaded:


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